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Apologies for the lateness, my darlings, but such is the nature of graduate school. :(

Anyway, a new month, a new theme! Please give it up and put your hands together for

The Ladies' Month!
Don't let the name mislead you (we need some equal time after slash month, amirite?); we're interested in all aspects of gender this month. This week, it's Phoenix Wright NOW for a general overview of the issue.

In the first three games, Phoenix surrounds himself with strong female characters. As has been pointed out, the games seem to pass the Bechdel test, a disappointingly rare achievement. What do we think about that? Can we see them as a feminist text? Is the story really even Phoenix's, or is it about the matrilineage of Kurain? There's always the reverse of this issue, as well- where does this leave men? Whatever do we do with Apollo Justice (and will we ever tire of asking that question? I certainly won't)?

Let me say that our first month has been awesome, guys, and I'm hella proud. Check back later for a recap post.
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