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We at gyaku_meta (and by we, I mean me) would like to wish you (and by you, I mean sarahofcroydon, and fanbeatsman, and valentinite, and miss_prince, and alienchrist, and bf_nightingale and pyrasaur, and quadrifons, and anybody else who's lurked or commented in our illustrious three months together) A Very Apollo Christmas.

What can we say about Apollo? He seems to be a sweetheart and kind of a douchebag all in the same breath. What are his motivations, if not to be like Phoenix? Unfortunately, the game seems to leave us with more questions than answers (series hook or bad writing? You make the call!). Where are his adoptive parents? Who is his father? Is Phoenix going to get around to telling him about Trucy before something unfortunate happens (in his pants)?

On a further note, there will be no posted theme next week (December 31 to January 6), because your everlovin' mod will be far too drunk on New Year's Eve to post. I mean busy. Busy is what I meant. You know what that means! Free for All! We'll resume regularly scheduled programming on January 7.
Tags: !mod, character driven month
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