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Derivative Month!
This month, we'll be focusing on fandom and fanworks. This week, we ask Why (Not) Fic?

Fanfiction can be an oddly divisive topic among fen. If you write it, what do you get out of it? If you don't, what don't you see in it? What's special- or not so special- about writing GS fic? Fanartists in the crowd- we want to hear from you too.

The tentative schedule for January and February is as follows:
Derivative Month!
Broad topic: Fandom

January 1: Free for All
January 7: Why (Not) Fic?
January 14: Girl Talk (Fandom as a female space)
January 21: The DVD Version (Fic commentary)
January 28: The Principle of Memetics (On fandom tropes)

Meta Month!
Broad topic: Games in context
February 4: Save Point (Gameplay and mechanics)
February 11: Regrub's Burgers (Localization and translation)
February 18: Speculation Celebration
February 25: Are We Having Fun Yet? (Personal motivations)
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