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TL;DR & Questions about the Yatagarasu.

So I've been writing this ridiculously long fanfiction about the Yatagarasu of Ace Attorney: Investigations, since I felt the sudden urge to fill in the blanks about their past and I'm in love with their whole tragic backstory and all of that.

But it's difficult, and every time I look up info on them or even just casually read some wiki article about them, I get smacked in the face with a fact that contradicts what I thought was the canon with them and wa-la, I get stuck with a bunch of revising sessions and frustration. So let me ask you awesome people and trouble y'all with my useless TL;DR...

Really what I want to know are the facts about the Yatagarasu. Just what the game and the developers, the Word of God, downright states or implies, or if there is no clear answer, just what everyone commonly thinks is what happened. Because it's like everywhere I look...people seem to have their own ideas that are all over the place or it's just so vague to me that I'm just sitting here going huh and whuuuh about it, thinking, 'But this person over here said something different and I wonder about this and no one seems to answer my question on this topic and...BLARRRRGH'

I guess one of the biggest frustrations was when I wrote about KG-8 and the stolen evidence, since KG-8 is the start of my fic. The game kept suggesting both the 'trump card' Faraday hid away for years and the video tape were stolen together...or at least, I had assumed in my head that both were stolen, since I downright watched 5-5 again looking for them to specifically say 'they stole the card' but they never did, just 'they stole the evidence' I wrote it as such. Then I discovered that no, the card wasn't stolen, and it was arghrghrghrewriteallthesegoddamnchaptersoveragain for me. For anyone who writes, fanfiction or original writing, that is not fun. It did make my fic much more interesting to read, though, so I'm glad I did it, but made me strangle something to find that out. That's when I took to looking up more info and found even more facts I got wrong in my messed up head of mine, but then all the questions I still have seem to be left unanswered.

While it'd be easy to say 'goddamnit, just make up your own theory, who cares? It's your fic!', I'm too stuck with making sure I get my facts right before I write more and find out I am wrong. Maybe whoever reads my fic doesn't care, but I do. I am being very stupidly anal and perfectionistic I know, but it's almost like a practice to me, to try and be both as creative and as close to canon as possible. I feel like that's a major way for me to improve as a writer, and sticking with what little facts they have is a good way to make sure I don't go off into la-la land and start breeding Mary Sues and author-fufillment plots. It also avoids me writing some plot element in an extra-descriptive manner only to have someone come up and say 'hey, you know, in the game they said Little Thief was made by Byrne', and that would just reaaaally suck, considering if I put a lot of time and effort into it. Hell, if I didn't care, I wouldn't be asking other people for help would I?

So here are my biggest questions, the ones I can't seem to find answers to or I am very blonde and overlooked somehow. If there are any kind souls to lend me any help on answering these - or just giving me your own TL;DR on the Yatagarasu back without answering them, that's nice too and I'd enjoy reading it - I'd seriously appreciate it.

1. Little Thief, dear Jesus. I know Byrne had it and used it during plights. But who made it? Did some criminal guy make it and Byrne get his hands on it later (my theory), or did Byrne just make it by himself? I've heard some people say 'oh Byrne just made it' but I find that a tad hard to believe. (I mean he's awesome, but he doesn't strike me as some sort of technical genius...) I don't remember the games ever downright saying 'BYRNE MADE LITTLE THIEF', just that Kay 'got it from him when she got his journal and Byrne used it'. But I'm probably wrong, who knows. It also slightly confuses me as to how exactly it is used. Yes, Kay uses it to reconstruct crime scenes and she says once that 'thieves use it to plot out their entrance/exit routes', but how exactly does that help a thief do his job? They simply cannot predict everything that will appear in those buildings they infiltrate and put it in the machine, unless Calisto was just that awesome to pick up blueprints from every target or something. Does it also show one where the security alarms are/how to diarm them, where security cameras are located, escape routes? It's really confused me because Kay barely explained it that one time and everyone else later on just said, "Byrne used it when he went on his missions."

2. Calisto's age (and also Cece's). I guess this one is less a question and more of a "OMFG WHY?!"... She's 22 in the flashback KG-8 II case (5-4), and she's already an attorney at that point. They also said she was an attorney back when she first met Badd and Byrne, but that makes her 19. Sure we've had 13 year old Franziska and 17 year old Klavier but Calisto isn't some sparkily German prodigy. Did they not question why she was so young and still an attorney? Maybe it's just me tired of all these underage attorneys running around and I know already yeah she's the mole and it's all a coverup, but still, come on, don't they question? They made a big deal about Edgeworth becoming a prosecutor at roughly that age, so...? And doesn't that seem weird that Quercus Alba would want some teenage girl to be a spy for him, anyway...? It also makes Cece younger than 19 when she was murdered, bringing more questions as to how did a teenager that owned her own apartment for Christ's sake get a job at an Embassy and work her way up enough to figure out about the smuggling ring? Was she just a random teen working and noticed something suspicious all by chance?...I don't know, maybe it really is just the whole everybody has to be underaged teenagers! thing that Ace Attorney's been sticking with for whatever reason that's really bothering me, because I guess if Calisto were at least 24 in KG-8 II that would make me less irky than it does now. But then, Japanese cultural differences versus American cultural differences, perhaps...

3. Calisto's joining the Yatagarasu. I've heard a few different versions of this one to the point where I'm a little confused on it. We know Calisto made it clear she never wanted to see Badd or Byrne again after KG-8, but then she joined their thieving group. My idea is that Calisto was told to keep an eye on the two men by her boss, and when she overheard them making plans to become the Yatagarasu she joined in and offered help to become the mole, as her boss would've wanted her to do. But I've also heard that Badd plainly invited her to join them without her asking first, and I've also heard that Byrne and Badd committed a few thieving operations before the boss told Calisto to join them and spy on them to make sure they didn't get too close to the truth. I don't recall the game being specific on how exactly she joined them, either, other than Badd's lie that she just showed up and was a defense attorney trying to find secrets against the smuggling ring. If it's just all speculation like I think, I'll be OK with sticking with my idea (which will probably happen anyway because I don't think there is a true canon explanation for it), but if there is a one absolute canon way she joined them I'd love to know it.

4. Badd's arrest and subsequent sentence. I wonder what his punishment was for being a Yatagarasu member for three years? He, Byrne and Calisto were responsible for quite hefty thefts of corporate documents, not to mention Badd's breaking into Edgeworth's office and threatening him with a loaded gun. Yet in the end credits, after he'd testified in the trial, it seemed like his punishment was non-existant or just rather light, like "oh he's just in retirement now and leaving it up to Lang to chase down the smuggling ring". It could just be his non-concern with whatever punishment they deal him (as he looks very much like the type at this point to say 'oh well I've ran my race and I don't really care what happens to me now'), but I expected such crimes to rack up a heavy penalty, maybe even life in prison. Am I wrong in thinking that? Or is the game really just that unclear?

5. I guess another not-so-much question and more of a what-do-you-think topic is Byrne's wife/Kay's mother, insert-name-here. I reject the idea that she's dead (I guess because we've had that happen already so that I yearn for something a bit more original?), but it's entirely possible for her to be, I guess. But what would more people say she is, divorced or dead? Playing for the divorce side, of course since Byrne ended up with Kay in the end, that's got to mean the mom did something wrong, right? Or (if you are just that sort of kinky bastard) did Byrne wind up with accident? (You know what I mean~ ;D) I think this is one of those things where there's so many different possible ideas that you really can't dismiss one or the other unless they just totally do not work at all (I bet someone creative could even argue SHE'S AN ALIEN correctly and it'd be canon, even if other people were like WTFISWRONGWITHYOU). So any thoughts on this one?

Those are just my biggest questions/concerns, everything else I'm either accepting as it was vague/unanswered to begin with or I have a good idea about what happened.

Like I said, I adore the Yatagarasu. I love the entire plot around it, how they came to be, their thievings, everything. It makes me think of one of those big tragic plays where the characters try to make a difference in a corrupt world and end up suffering/dying for it (in this case, Byrne and Badd, not so much Calisto). I've always had a thing for almost 'blank-slate mentioned in a flashback with some points about what he was like but never really fleshed out' characters like Byrne where you are free to flex your creative muscle and do almost whatever you want with to really mold them into a proper character. I think Detective Badd is not just baddass (lol), he's also an interesting sort of guy that you have to pay very close attention to to realize that he's more than just grumbles and lollipops. (I love how he seems to have trouble expressing how he really feels deep down, especially about Byrne's death - he was a lot more concerned, troubled, shooken up, f-ed up, whatever about it than he let on most of the time. He was just taught to shut up and keep it bottled up inside, as he always told Gumshoe, 'never get emotionally involved'.) And Calisto - as much as I hate her as a person, she can taken as someone rather tragic too (the bit about her when she's Shih-na, having that downcast expression remembering how 'unpleasant' it was to be the mole and to kill Byrne surprised me and made me wonder if she did really care after all), and her character becomes interesting as well if you think of it like that. I could nerd ramble all day about these guys. But it's so...confusing, how it seems to me like no one has a clear definition on when they started, what they did, and etc. That's just what's frustrating me...unnecessarily. I can't be the only one this has ever happened to, right? Even if it's not these characters and this fandom?

...TL;DR, just what are all the real, hardcore facts about the Yatagarasu, because everything seems so vague and unclear? And of course, what are your own thoughts about that awesome three-man thieving team? I'd love to hear anyone else's ramblings on them, positive or negative, even if they don't answer my questions about them. TL;DR's what this community's all about, isn't it? :D

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